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I've thought about posting our story before, but wanted to wait til after the first trimester and then forgot to come back and post Smile Here goes- for anyone discouraged, it will happen!
I'm 23, DH is 28. We tried for 16 cycles and decided to take a break while on a trip back home visiting family. Between getting discouraged from trying for so long, my Grandma passing, and DH mom breaking her hip we decided we needed a break from trying and just chill. Four weeks later AF was late so I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Completely shocked, everyone had told us it would happen when we "stopped trying", but yeah right who really believes that lol. Unfortunately I miscarried at 5 weeks. We were devastated. To have what we'd been trying so long for be taken away just seemed cruel. The worst part of the miscarriage for me was waiting to get back to normal... Ok, I lost the baby, our hopes are crushed, now I get to sit here and bleed and be in physical pain for a week, with everyone telling me it will be ok and God has a plan. I know theres a reason for everything, but I didn't want to hear that while trying to deal with the most devastating thing we'd ever been through. That didn't make me feel any better, it just made me mad. We decided we would wait at at least a few cycles before trying to get pregnant again. Emotionally we knew we weren't ready to try again yet and the doctors always encourage waiting after a miscarriage before conceiving. Cut to a few weeks later, it's the night before Valentines and we're at a small party at our close friends house. I got a little drunk and when we got home I "took advantage" of DH. He obviously didn't complain but I wasn't in the mindset to remember to uhhm, take preventative measures, and well that's the last thing on a guy's mind when he's got a woman doing that to him lol. A couple weeks pass, no af..I hadn't had a cycle since the miscarriage but didn't think anything of it. The doctors said it could be longer than a regular cycle before af would show up again.. But I started feeling really tired, and my BB were sore. I felt like I do before af but worse. And then I remembered Valentines and uh oh, NO WAY!... So I picked up a pregnancy test at the grocery store. I took it the next morning as most know they suggest the first bathroom visit of the morning. It immediately came up positive, and I immediately called DH sobbing that it wasn't supposed to happen again yet, we didn't want this right now, we aren't ready right now, I can't handle this, what if this, what if that... and DH in all his wisdom says "Well there's nothing we can do about it if you are except have a baby like we've been trying to for the past 2 years". Not exactly the comforting words that I was looking for but it knocked me back into realizing that we were being given a second chance. I was terrified the entire first trimester that I would have another miscarriage. I honestly don't know how the ladies here that have had multiple miscarriages have dealt with it. You are truly incredible women!! So here we are, we tried for 2 years and were still completely surprised when we found out baby Ivy was on her way Smile I don't know DPO exactly... I know that the night before Valentines was 3 weeks and 1 day after our miscarriage and I took the pregnancy test on March 1. Anything done differently- pretty much everything opposite of what we had been doing lol- not trying, alcohol consumption, not missionary position (sorry if tmi). I did try BBT charting and keeping calendars but I never could tell a difference in my temperature so I got frustrated after a few months and quit. It was more stress to me with no benefit that I could tell, but it works for a lot of people so I wouldn't say it's not worth it. If you've been trying for a few months and you're still not pregnant, go talk to your doctor. They're there for a reason and they know a lot more than anyone else. It can also give them a better idea of how long you've been trying and what you're doing, along with time markers to help them and you decide when to look into other options. Don't wait until you're at your wits end and stressed out to go talk to your doctor. Good luck and baby dust to all you ladies!!!


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Congrats Carrie!
Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!


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Congrats!! Your story makes me feel there is hope I have been trying for two years I dont know if Ican stop trying I might say I will but in the back of my mind thats all i think about.. Thank you for sharing your story!!


Baby dust to all!!