ClearBlue Fertility Monitor Review

Fertility Monitors allow you to predict, with pinpoint accuracy, your most fertile time of the month, your date of ovulation when the ovum is released from the ovarian follicle. By detecting not one, but two female hormones, the fertility monitor provides easy, accurate results in words that make sense to trying to conceive women: Low, High, or Peak fertility!

ClearBlue Fertility Monitor Review:
A High-Tech Solution for Predicting Ovulation and Fertility!

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For years, fertility monitors have helped tens of thousands of women conceive sooner - by pinpointing when a woman is most fertile. Several different diagnostic kits fall under the category "fertility monitor", including saliva ovulation tests like Fertile Focus, as well any kind of urine LH ovulation predictor kits. However, when you hear the word fertility monitor, this typically refers to the ClearBlue (aka ClearPlan) fertility monitor.

The ClearBlue fertility monitor, unlike other tests, is "computerized" and fully automated, and is even PC friendly with a data port that can upload fertility data to your personal computer. It's reusable, it's doctor recommended, it's reliable and it's accurate - everything you would want or need from a fertility monitor in predicting your most fertile time of the month. To buy a fertility monitor, click here.

So how does the Clear Blue fertility monitor work?

The ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is the most sophisticated method of predicting when you ovulate and increasing your chances of conceiving a baby. The fertility monitor works by tracking two reproductive hormones - the luteinizing hormone (lh) and estrogen levels present in urine samples. Based on the start date of the menstrual cycle (cycle day 1), the monitor will ask you to perform test stick readings for 10 or 20 consecutive days, depending on the length of your cycle and the timing of your LH surge.

Ovulation, the release of the ovum from the follicle, is a woman's most fertile time of the month - and the egg must be fertilized within 24 hours! This is why predicting ovulation and timing intercourse are so important!

To begin testing with a ClearBlue fertility monitor, urinate directly onto the ClearBlue test stick. Simply push a button and the fertility monitor informs you of your fertility level - Low, High, or Peak. Pretty cool? You bet! Intercourse during high and peak fertility days help you to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. The monitor identifies 6 days (on average) of fertility. Most women will get 1-5 days of "High Level" readings before arriving at their 2 "Peak Level" days of fertility. The monitor stores up to 6 months of your own personal information, allowing you to learn more about your body's own fertility patterns. This information can even be transferred to your personal computer to make an ovulation calendar or fertility chart.

What make the ClearBlue fertility monitor unique is this: It measure two hormones. Saliva ovulation tests (ovulation microscopes) check for the presence of estrogen. Urine-based lh testing (OPKs) test for lh. The Clear Blue fertility monitor is the only fertility test that focuses on two hormone levels in pinpointing fertility. Best of all, it's easy to use, with a digital display that tells you your fertility level in words: Low, High, or Peak.

Advantages of Fertility Monitors Include

• Removes much of "user interpretation errors" with the "Low, High, Peak" readings.
• Is accurate because it focuses on two hormones, lh (luteinizing hormone) and estrogen.
• It's the most advanced home method for maximizing your chances of becoming pregnant.
• Provides easy to understand results that are 99% accurate in detecting your LH surge.
• It's non-invasive and natural and approved by the FDA.

Click here to read our ClearBlue Monitor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about the Clear Blue Monitor)!

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I had 3 peak fertility days! Is there something wrong with the monitor do you think? Previously, I had 5 high fertility days. I'm a little confused. The first two days the lines were both very dark. The third day - the control line was dark and the other line was light. It's all a bit odd Smile Anybody have any ideas? I would be very grateful. Thank you, Tabby x

The left line measures LH (ovulation hormone) and the right line measures estrogen. When LH is high, the left line will get dark. When estrogen is high (during ovulation and pregnancy), the right line will get very light

I have been using the clearblue fertility monitor for a few months now. I'm aged 43. Whilst I got a level 3 (peak) reading on the fertility monitor machine today which is great, I want to know more about how the blue lines work/what they mean. The left life has been there for a good few days and is nice and dark, but the righthand line has only appeared in the last couple of days and it is very faint. Is this is a problem? I spoke to clearblue about it but they were quite vague - does anyone know what the strength/thickness of these lines actually signify?

Thanks for any answers!

I started my period on May 5th and started a 5 day course of Clomid 50mg three times a day on days 5-9 of this cycle. I had hot flashes that went away after finishing the clomid and on 4th and 5th days after finishing the Clomid I had breast tenderness...does the tenderness mean I am about to ovulate? I am also using a Clearblue fertility monitor to see if I am ovulating and yesterday and today I got a high reading. Is this a false reading or am I ovulating and if I am when should my husband and I have intercourse and for how long? My cycles are not normal and I wasn't ovulating before. Please help!

What do you need to transfer the information in the monitor to your PC? What kind of connected is needed?

i have been using the monitor for 3 cycles now and it shoed high and peak fertility days for the first two BUT for the third one it hasn't shown any high or peak days?? is there something wrong with the monitor or the sticks? what to do abouth this??please advise??? thanks

Hi there,
Try on high days and defo on your Peak Days..
Good Luck.

I want to have a baby boy and iam using cbm to monitor myself. When do u suggest I have intercourse, on peak day 1 or peak day 2?

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