Is Your Spouse a Painter?

If you are struggling to get pregnant and your husband is a painter, this study might be of interest to you!

In the UK, a study was just published that looked at male infertility and chemical exposure in the workplace….specifically, those that worked in an environment where glycol ether was used. Painters were the main group that were exposed to this chemical on a daily basis.

What they found was that in 2118 men from 14 fertility centers and across 11 cities, that the exposure to this chemical and infertility seemed to be related.

Within this study group, the men who were exposed to glycol ether had a 250% increased risk of having low motile sperm count when compared with those in a work environment without the chemical.

In addition to motility, researchers believe that the shape of the sperm and the quality of the sperm’s DNA are also at risk from exposure to glycol ether.

The good news is that the use of glycol ether in paints has decreased over the years, and hopefully related infertility will follow suit!!

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