Is Your Chi Blocked?

If you are struggling to become pregnant, maybe the answer is feng shui. For those that believe in this ancient Chinese art, there are some simple feng shui rules that are believed to promote healthy fertility. The goal when using the feng shui techniques is to balance the energy (chi) of one’s environment to promote positive energy and fertility.

So, you may want to………

1. Make sure your chi flows like a river when looking through the front door. You should look out upon openness. If something such as a tree blocks the view of the entryway, it can interfere with your fertility energy.

2. Hang up wind chimes on either side of the door. The wind chimes are believed to deflect the blocked energy and keep it positive.

3. No mirrors! You don’t want to reflect the positive energy or send away opportunities.

4. Balance the energy in the bedroom by using neutral colors and decoration. Tans, browns, ivory etc. promote calmness and harmony.

5. No floral designs or fresh flowers in the bedroom. The flowers are seen as a having male energy. So the use of flowers competes with your spouse’s own fertile energy.

6. No books or TV in the bedroom, only sleeping and baby making should take place in this room!

7. Make sure the faucets are turned off. The dripping water can represent a loss in energy.

8. Use standing fans instead of ceiling fans. If you do, your body’s chi will able to refuel during the night!

9. Make sure there is harmony between you and your husband’s energy by sleeping on the right side of the bed.

Try these feng shui tips and your fertility issues may disappear!

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