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Julia Indichova, who is a fertility specialist and author, has come up with a unique way to support to those who are trying to conceive. 
She offers what she calls a support circle.  What makes this interesting though is that it is done by phone on a weekly basis.  Folks from all over the world are able to call in and take part in the topic centered support group.  Topics include anything from PCOS, endometriosis, infertility to miscarriage.
During the support circle, Julia Indichova uses her fertility program called Fertile Heart OVUM Birthing Practice to help couples increase their chances of becoming pregnant.  Included in her program are tools and techniques such as guided imagery, diet plans, dream work and body truth movement sequences.  After signing up for the teleconference or “support circle,” participants are asked to prepare for the group by completing a homework activity.  This activity is always related to the current support topic.  Then they receive the phone number, day and time to phone in for their group.  Each month there are also special guests included in the phone circles as well.  These guests are specialists such as fertility doctors, naturopaths and alternative medicine practitioners.
Her program has caught the interest of many including NPR, Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America and Oxygen.
If this sounds interesting, you can find out more about how to register and the current topic schedules at:  www.FertileHeart.com



Hi there,
I am writing to you with complete desperation and faith that you may be able to help us.
I know i am one of thousands of women who regret everyday my decision to have my tubes tied but i did so at a young age not able to comprehend what grief i would carry for taking away the gift given by God.
I had the procedure in 2006 after the birth of two children because i had a history of multiples and was very fertile.
We have been researching clinics for months and as I have taken time away from my nursing career - i dont have insurance to cover the cost for the reversal. I would pay anything give anything for that blessing again- bearing children is priceless.
I recently ran across a few websites(blogs) rendering my mission to find a facility that offers what i pray you are able to do-
It seems a few women have been fortunate enough to find clinics allowing a select few a free or lower cost tubal reversal -They do so because the women proudly agree to donate their eggs in turn-
I Pray you are able to help lead me in the right direction; to give back as they do in appreciation for the blessing and opportunity.
-Please contact me at your earliest convenience we eagerly await some positive news)
My husband is in this with me 100percent and willing to be screened for sperm donation to help others as well. He is former captain of police and having a nurse as his life partner he always goes above and beyond to help anyone in need.

Jennifer J gaffney
Robert reed

jennifer gaffney — Jan 22, 2013
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The phone circles and support that Julia Indichova gives from her website and books are fantastic. So much of the challenge related to fertility difficulties is feeling alone and what to do with emotions. These are by no means the only things addressed by Julia in the phone circles, but the connections are wonderful.

Anonymous — Aug 15, 2012
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