Wow, What a Life!!

Life cycle of an egg

Talk about the journey of a lifetime!!! It is amazing that anyone ever gets pregnant when you take an up close look at the life of an egg!!!

Female babies are born with 1-2 million eggs. You would think with a starting stash that large, we would never have to worry about ever running out!!! However the first sign that time is always working against us is that by the time girls enter puberty, their egg supply has plummeted to only about 300,000. These 300,000 eggs just patiently wait in the ovaries for the opportunity to mature and take their life changing plunge. Again, this number of eggs sounds substantial until you start losing them month after month with each menstrual cycle!

These “eggs in waiting” make a grand entrance by bursting out of the follicles as part of ovulation during the menstrual cycle. And although hundreds of eggs join the ovulation party each month, almost all are quickly absorbed back into the body, quickly leaving the race. And of these few eggs that show sustainable power, most of the time only 1 will make it all the way to the finish line. There are those exceptions however, where nine months later multiples are born!!
If the baby dancing session(sex) is timed perfectly, the egg will be heading down the fallopian tubes just as a rush of sperm are shooting up them. The fastest sperm wins the prize of fertilizing the egg in its path. Interestingly, once the sperm meets the egg, it sets in motion a reaction that keeps the egg from being penetrated by any other sperm. Sort of like offering the egg a proposal and engagement ring!
After the egg says yes to the proposal and accepts the fertilization, then the nail biting, snail slow 2WW (two week wait) begins!


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