The World Endometriosis Research Foundation

I just ran across a new study that is going to be spearheaded by the World Endometriosis Research Foundation. They are working on trying to find a quicker way to diagnose and effectively treat endometriosis. If successful, they would hopefully be able to reduce the number of women who are infertile because of this painful condition. The results from this study will come out in 2009.

Endometriosis occurs when there is abnormal tissue inside a woman’s abdominal cavity. The tissue is triggered by the hormonal cycle and can cause everything from ovarian cysts to infertility. It affects millions of women around the world, but is still a bit of a mystery for doctors. And at this point, there is no cure.

The World Endometriosis Research Foundation, who is responsible for this study, was created in 2006 and is a global organization that focuses on raising money to learn more about endometriosis and the possible treatments.

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