Will I Have A Boy Or A Girl?

We hear many different theories from our friends about how to make sure you have a boy or girl, but here is an article that has a little different twist to it!

In an article written in Medical News Today, researchers looked at a change that has been occurring over the last few decades related to the ratio of boys to girls born each year.  Around the world there are consistently more boys than girls born, however in industrialized countries the gap between the number of boys and girls born is closing.  A professor of reproductive epidemiology in Sweden began to wonder if there were factors that were causing the change in numbers.

One thing he found, was that mothers who gained weight between their first and second pregnancy were more likely to give birth to boys. - He cautions folks not to intentionally gain weight in hopes of having a boy though. :)

Why he wondered?  Since his findings were consistent among many countries including Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Japan and the United States, it couldn’t be concluded this trend could be blamed on the obesity problem here in the United States.  Also, the findings didn’t seem to change when factoring in obstetric complications, maternal smoking, the age of the parent, the total number of years between the first and second pregnancy or the sex of the first born child.

If you are interested in viewing this article in its entirety: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/83548.php

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My last period on november6 on which day i want to look for a baby boy
My average cycle was32

neethu — Nov 17, 2014
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My last period 10/24. My first period 10/20. Do I am going to have a girl. Dob is1/1/75. Help me have a daughter

Anonymous — Oct 26, 2014
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I started ovulating on December 29, 2013 and my husband and I had sex on December 30, 2013 we are hoping for a boy because we already have 2 girls and a boy would carry on the family name. My question is My question is after you read my post what do you think i am more likely having a boy or girl. I know when I ovulated because I get cramps for 2 days during the ovulation and I know we conceived on that day because that is the only day we had sex until after I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive and the last time we had sex was beofre my period.

JenniferA — Feb 25, 2014
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I had unprotected sex everyday this month except the 8th through the 11th. I am 39 what will the sex of my baby be?

JMRose — Dec 21, 2013
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I saw my period on the 13th of november and I made love on the 30th of november. Is it going to be a baby boy. I already have 3girls, I desperately need a boy.

adaeze ananenu — Dec 10, 2013
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The first day of my period was 11/15. I had sex unprotected 11/20-11/29 do you think I will have a boy??

Anonymous — Nov 29, 2013
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I have Baby Boy girl boy .my last pirod was started on Feb 13 and would like to get baby girl in december 2013 or january 2014when is the best time

Anonymous — Feb 22, 2013
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my first day of my last period was Dec.22.2012. I had sex Jan.5.2013. and now i'm 1 month pregnant. will i have girl or boy?..

Anonymous — Feb 01, 2013
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My bday is 5/5/1981 I have girl boy girl girl I want one more boy my last pirod was started on jan 01 when best time to have a boy n I'm trying to have it on oct 24 th of this year ...

Anonymous — Jan 05, 2013
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My last date of period started on Dec 4 2012 and had intercourse on Dec 20 2012 I am 47 years old will i have a boy?

Lorie — Dec 20, 2012
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