Why Did I Have A Miscarriage?

A miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking experiences that any woman can go through. As women begin grieving the loss of their little one, the question they want answered is, “why?”
So what should you expect once you meet with your doctor to try and figure out why you miscarried? First, your doctor will probably do a complete physical, talk with you about your medical history and discuss any risk factors that may pertain to you and your spouse.
Afterwards, there are many options available in the quest of learning as much as you can about your body and its ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Some of the procedures available are:

  1. An ultrasound- To create an image of the female anatomy in order to detect potential problems. 
  2. Blood tests- To check for thyroid problems, diabetes, immune disorders, progesterone levels, viruses and blood clotting disorders. 
  3. Hysteroscopy- This is a procedure allows the doctors to see inside the uterus and check for abnormalities. 
  4. Pelvic infection testing- This is just a swab test that is send to the lab for the results. 
  5. Hysterosalpingography- In this procedure, the fallopian tubes are injected with dye and then carefully evaluated for blockage using a small x-ray. 
  6. Sonohysterogram- This is another ultrasound; however the uterus is first injected with sterile water so that the doctors can assess for any abnormalities. 
  7. Genetic testing- Using the tissue from the miscarriage and DNA from the couple, doctors can evaluate for abnormalities in the chromosomes.

The good news is that there are many tests that can be done to help pinpoint the reason for miscarriage. In addition, many women who experience a miscarriage go on to deliver a healthy baby soon after!

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Hi I found out I was pregnant on the 10th of October 2011 , I conceived two weeks after getting the implant (bar) out , on the 7th of November I miscarried , for a month I was in and out of hospital getting scans done because the sack was still visible but on the 7th of December my final scan it was gone, upset about what had happened but relieved that it was finally over and I could try again, knowing you have miscarried is horrible but having to return week after week to the hospital praying maybe something will turn up on scan is worse. ( partner was holding on to hope that maybe I was earlier and that there would be a heart beat next week ) it broke my heart looking at his face every time we went back to check . My partner and I have been trying ever since but month after month I received my period, this month though we have been having none stop sex and I hope I will find out I am pregnant .. I had my period on the 28th of march which lasted 5days , when is the earliest i can take a test or am I better off to wait as long as I can before doing on I'm due my period on 24th of April 2012 ... Please help

Stephanieg — Apr 20, 2012
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I have the implanon (bar) in my arm and its due to come out in august. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago and im experiencing all of the symptoms of pregnancy. Is it possible I could be pregnant even with the bar? please help

Anonymous — Jan 01, 2012
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To achieve pregnancy, when in particular am I suppose to make love, is it when am very fertile or when am ovulating?


Anonymous — Jan 04, 2011
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I've brown discharge for 10 days now, pink/brown at the beginning everytime I wiped. It was not heavy but noticeable. I've had no pain or any signs of pregnancy (and hCG neg), my AF is due 2 days later. I went to the dr and had a blood test two days ago and the result is not due for another 2 days. I'm very worried and I'm thinking I've miscarried. Do you think so?

Rabbit — Dec 19, 2010
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I got married Aug.2010 and am 30. Suspected i was pregnant but wasn't sure until late sept wen we had a party and i had to drink,i drank so much dt my stomach ached and i was rolling & screaming 4 some time,i had to take water and some cold ice to cool off d stomach trouble.Days later i saw my period. Could it be dt i was pregnant but lost it or what? Am not an alcoholic person but didnt know wat happened dt day & i took bellys drink so much.May be bcos of d sweetness of d drink,i got carried away and since den,we ve been trying but ve not taken in. pls,am confused and need ur contributions on this. Thank u.

Anonymous — Dec 05, 2010
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Hello I had a miscarriage wed 13th sep 2010. It was heart breaking but i was only 9 weeks but it hurt me to actualy see what it looked like. Im only 17 but i just wonderd if you could help me by if it was to happen again would i miscarry straight away cause of whats happend or do you have to wait ? xx

Megan8090 — Oct 15, 2010
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i have a miscarriage in june this year after 9 wks of pregnancy. no heart beat. i dont know when can i try again? i want to be mum.

Anonymous — Aug 09, 2010
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I know exactly what you have gone through. My husband and I got engaged last year and found out I was pregant in February. I didn't know I was pregnant until I went to the Dr. for some cream or a shot for the posion ivy I had gotten on our camping trip. I was so scared because I had drank and smoked, so I quit everything cold turkey. Went to the Dr. for my 12 week check up and they couldn't find a heart beat. No, I didn't bleed, I had to have a D&C but I could feel and hear my heart break into a thousand pieces. Luckily I have a wonderful supportive husband. After the D&C in April, I went on the pill June then we decided to try again. No luck so far but they tell you if you want something aad enough it will happen when God thinks it's the right time. I am a little worried because my periods have been "different" but have to stay positive. I wish nothing but the best for you and hope and pray you get your little person soon. Smile

Allison Timms — Nov 16, 2009
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I am so sorry about your heartbreaking experience! I hope you are surrounded by lots of love and support!
Sending lots of baby dust your way!
Smile Elizabeth

Elizabeth — Nov 16, 2009
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The very first time I got pregnant was April of '08, I was 21. I got married in the beginning of the year, so we were trying for a while. I was so happy, I thought it could never be done. I dont get my period every month ((sometimes its years)).. I wasn't working at my job long enough to have health insurance (I was working there 6 months, and the requirement is 9 months) so I called up Planned Parenthood and set a date to get insurance. They called and re-scheduled it for the next week. I went to work the next day (I washed dishes at a restaurant, so there was no back breaking work or anything) and I started bleeding heavy. I was so scared. My husband took me to the ER. 6 HOURS later, an ultrasound, pelvix exam, blood and urine samples later, they said I had a miscarriage. I was roughly one month along. I never felt so dead inside. I get a bill from the ER, a little over $1,600 ...I called PP to see if I could still get the health insurance to pay the bill, they said NO since I wasnt pregnant anymore. So I'm left with this bill.....this reminder...

and what was worse.....the doctor who treated me, was 5 months pregnant. When they examined me, she said I had a tilted uterus, which made it even harder to get pregnant. It is now November '09, and I havn't gotten pregnant since, even though I keep trying. I try to stay positive....

Delicate_Flower — Nov 14, 2009
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