When to Take a Pregnancy Test

When to Take a Pregnancy TestThis is the month; I know it is... it has to be! 

How many cycles have you felt this way?  It is during these months that the two week wait feels like a two year wait!  It is also during these cycles that it is so hard to know when to take a pregnancy test.

I know that I have to wait for at least 7-10 days past ovulation so that I have given the embryo time to latch on to my uterus.  It isn’t until that happens that the hCG hormone is released into the body.  It also isn’t until then, that I even have a chance of getting the two lines or the word “pregnant” on my pregnancy test.

I tell you though, when I feel like my breasts are swollen, I feel really tired and I am craving certain foods.....it is SO hard to wait to test!



I have a question...im delayed 5 days then on the 6th days i have dark color of stains and is only few until 5 days....it is spotting??? But my result was negative.....

Anonymous — Nov 15, 2014
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My last period was This month on The 12 but i been haven sex with out a condom but when he nut In me i take a pill but i didnt take The pill The Second time but i took it The third time so i jus wanna kno will i see My period nexts month on The time when it post to come please help

meaka — Oct 24, 2012
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For June my period came on on da 28th in went off July 1 then I came on July 24th in went off july28th but for August I didn't come on yet cud I be pregnant

Anonymous — Aug 29, 2012
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My period was due on August 24th it didn't come on yet today is August 29th whn sud I test I was gone give it at least into September da 8th to see wud it cum on

Anonymous — Aug 29, 2012
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Somebody please help!

I am 10dpo, i have a 28 day cycle, the first day of my last period was 4th August 2012,i ovulated on 16th,i had unprotected sex on 16th and also two days before and after.
Since 1dpo,i've been having lower abdominal cramps, rise in body temperature,breast tenderness. And on 9dpo,i noticed a drop in my temperature for the whole day.
I'm so anxious, will i get a positive if i go for a blood test today?

jaykay — Aug 27, 2012
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hi, Ive been "trying" for two years. I had all the work ups done, my husband got his jizz tested, but no luck. He deployed this year so we werent able to try, but I am going to start clomid when he comes home.
He came home on R&R 3 days before I ovulated this month. I Ovulated about the 4th, on the 16th I had cramping ( I NEVER really cramp, and never when it isnt that TOM) then two or three days in a row I had terrible heartburn, like, band around your chest, hurts your back, go throw up heartburn, that would go away suddenly later.
I took a pregnancy test on the 19th, and on the 20th, both negative.
Im trying really hard not to get my hopes up but I THINK I FEEL pregnant....
what do you think? Am I?

Elshiva — Feb 20, 2012
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Hi all, I just had a faillure of condom on 13th day of my wife period, she quickly rush to th toilet and wash it away, can the act help as we don't need baby now? We are worried and can she take any thing to prevent the pregnancy? Thanks

Anonymous — Feb 04, 2012
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You have more useufl info than the British had colonies pre-WWII.

Janay — Jan 16, 2012
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i had sex from nov 5-8 and my period was suppose to be on nov 19 or 20..but til now i have no period.. i've try pregnancy test on nov 24 but it's negative..now is nov 28 i'm wating but it's not coming..

Anonymous — Nov 28, 2011
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TTC for 7 months now and no luck yet. My husband and I have sex regularly and every month we get sad when my period shows up. I pinpoint my ovulation with opk and monitor my cervical CM. My husband had a sperm count test done and his quantity and motility is fine. The only thing is the quality or morphology. He has to go for another sperm count to see if his sperm morphology change. I just got my period. Good luck to other couples

Anonymous — Jul 28, 2011
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