When Should We Have Another Baby?

When should we have another baby?

Dr. Robert Green is the medical director of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine in California, and he believes that timing of a subsequent pregnancy is important for couples who are experiencing secondary infertility.

Dr. Green recommends trying to become pregnant 18 months - 6 years after your previous baby. This is because it takes 18 months for the body to completely restore its hormonal balance. And on the flip side, if you wait longer than 6 years, your reproductive hormones will likely to be out of balance.

He supports this recommendation with a recent study that evaluated 67 recent studies that followed the births of a combined 11 million pregnant women. What researchers found was that women who waited less than 18 months to become pregnant again had a much higher rate of pre-term and/or low birth weight babies. Even more so, women who waited less then 6 months to conceive again had a higher rate of miscarriage. Dr. Green stresses that these finding support to the need to wait until your body is strong both nutritionally and hormonally before becoming pregnant.

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