What's a Mini-IVF?

What is Mini IVF?

Have you ever heard of a mini-IVF? 

I hadn’t heard of this term before seeing it promoted as a great option for TTC (trying-to-conceive) women over the age of 35. After looking into it a bit more, I think it definitely worth talking about with your fertility doctor! 

Here is what I learned…..
Mini-IVF is different from traditional IVF in a couple of different ways. To begin with, the mini-IVF uses a fewer number of a woman’s eggs for each cycle. It is kind of a less is more approach.   In addition, it also requires fewer fertility drugs. Because of this, it is easier on the bank account as well! 
Doctors who perform this procedure also say that since it is minimally invasive, there is virtually no recovery time associated with it. Also, since there are fewer fertility drugs used in the process, many of the common side effects such as mood swings and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome do not occur!
Dr. Sherman Silber from the Infertility Center of St Louis and St. Luke’s Hospital believes that the new method of embryo freezing called vitrification, is what makes the mini-IVF special and successful. Vitrification is a flash freezing technique that keeps ice crystals from forming and therefore reduces the chance of potential damage to the embryo. He also believes that the air purification system  they use during the egg maturing process is also superior to more traditional methods.
From what I could find, it looks as though this mini-IVF procedure is mostly recommended for older women looking to start or add to their families. The procedure was developed to make the most of the fewest number of available healthy eggs, with a minimal amount of hormonal impact on the woman’s body.
Has anyone tried the mini-IVF? 


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