What is Kisspeptin

You may be hearing about kisspeptin in the near future if you are struggling with infertility.

Kisspeptin is a hormone that increases the production of sex hormones that regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. In a recent study funded by the Medical Research Council, researchers injected either kisspeptin or saline into 10 women who were not menstruating and struggling with infertility. Researchers then took blood samples to evaluate the LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels in each woman. Both of these hormones are important for a woman’s overall fertility health and monthly ovulation.

What they found was that the women who were injected with the sex hormone kisspeptin, had a 48 percent increase in their LH levels. In addition, they also benefitted from a 16 percent increase in their FSH levels.

Based on their results, researchers believe that kisspeptin stimulates the sex hormones and has the ability to become a common new fertility treatment option for women.

It is always exciting to hear about new potential fertility treatments!!!!!!!!!!

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my research is about kisspeptin but i face aproblem in the dilution method of kisspeptin..... can you help me in my calculations?

yasir — Oct 17, 2011
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I need calculation for dilution of kisspeptin to covert 1 mg to nanomole

yasir — Oct 13, 2011
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