What Kind of Protein is the Most TTC Friendly?

Fertility DietBeans, peas, nuts, meat or poultry?

Which foods do you think are the most fertility friendly? 

According to a recent Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, you should try to add a serving of a vegetarian type protein to your daily meal plan.   Researchers found that the group of women who included beans, peas or nuts as part of their daily food consumption had higher pregnancy rates than those who didn't.

On the flip side, women who added a daily serving of poultry or red meat to their existing meal plan had a greater chance of experiencing infertility associated with ovulation.

While I don't know if I totally buy the fact that if you eat beans, peas and/or nuts each day that you will easily become pregnant, I am guessing that women who are eating these types of foods are probably pretty healthy overall.  And I do believe that overall health does definitely play a large part in conception.

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to try and do everything possible to become pregnant.  Included in this is being aware of your food choices.  So whether you are you are eating vegetarian proteins, drinking whole milk or eating the core of the pineapple, I hope that it is the piece of magic that leads to your BFP(big fat postitive)!

What foods do you make sure you are eating as part of your TTC(trying to conceive) plan?


I recently found out I am allergic to gluten, so I cut that out of my diet in november in hopes of conceiving this month. since I can't have any wheat flour, I'm not eating any pastries or pasta. i'm mostly replacing that with beans, veggies, and potatoes.

Anonymous — Feb 01, 2011
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hi there ..hope it will work this time i always send to request but not working ..any way i had a mascarige and i dont know how to calculate my cycle now the doctor said i can get pregnant any time ...so waht i have to do please help me

basma — Jan 28, 2011
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