What Does the Moon Tell Us?

the Moon and Your Fertility Cycle

When you look up to the sky and make a wish on the nearest star, next time make note of the moon as well!!

According to Eugene Jonas, a psychiatrist and gynecologist, using the moon and sun can help you identify the fertile time of your cycle. He also believes that you can choose the sex of your baby-to-be by planning your “baby dance sessions” using the lunar calendar.
The Moon Phase Method of fertility is based on an old Babylonian-Assyrian text that stated, “Women are only fertile during certain phases of the moon.” Jonas dove into this theory and conducted studies with 10,000 women. He kept track of their ovulation cycles and compared them to the phases of the moon. In addition, he made note of whether the women gave birth to boys or girls after making hiw own prediction using the lunar calendar. What he found was that he could predict with 97% accuracy the outcome of both by tracking both the moon and the women’s cycles.
Wondering how the Moon Phase Method for fertility actually works? As I understand it, there are just a few different components or rules to it.
  1. A woman is in the fertile part of her cycle when the moon and sun align in the exact same way as they did at the moment she was born. It turns out that an astrologer can give you this information based on some basic information about your birthday. Once you identify this sun and moon alignment, you are then most fertile for the 2 days before and the 12 hours after it occurs.
  2. You can determine the sex of your baby depending on the position of the moon at the exact time of conception. If the moon is in a masculine or yang sign position, you will have a boy. If the moon is in a feminine or yin sign position, you will have a girl. Astrologers say that the moon changes between these positions every 2 and half days. Jonas says that as the moon passes through different signs of the zodiac, the woman’s womb responds differently to sperm.
  3. And lastly, Jonas believes that the position of the planets at conception can actually determine if the bean will stick. There are some configurations that make the embryo stronger and more viable than others.
What do you think about this method for TTC?


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