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If you are 34 or older and trying to become pregnant, you are definitely not alone!!!

The Pew Research Center just released a study that shows that are there are more and more “older” women giving birth these days. This new trend in the United States is probably the result of a couple of factors. One being that women are waiting to get married and start a family and the other is the many medical intervention options available to help women become pregnant.
There were some other interesting findings as well:
  1. First time moms are more educated than in the past. In fact, 71 percent had some higher level education before becoming pregnant.
  2. When looking at the 4 millions births over the last 18 years, 14% were to older moms.
  3. Out of the 14% of women who were older when giving birth, one quarter of them were also first time moms!
  4. The average age for first time moms in the US is the oldest it has ever been, at 25 years old.
  5. There are more women over the age of 35 having children then teens!
For me, this study is an indicator of larger things as well. If there are more women who are waiting to start a family because of going to school, marrying later in life, or because of financial issues, then there are also more women who are also going to struggle with their fertility. I read that after the age of 30 that 90% of a woman’s eggs have been depleted. Because of this, the remaining eggs are not necessarily the strongest or healthiest of the bunch. Kind of a scary statistic if you have waited to start a family!
Many older moms will have spent years working with fertility doctors, undergoing medical treatments and living with the day to day roller coaster of TTC (trying-to-conceive). Along with that, comes added stress and a whole myriad of emotions that make life in general much harder. 
So my hope is that along with the fertility treatment options, that doctors make sure that they also make sure that women have plenty of support along their journey to motherhood!!  .
With Mother’s Day around the corner, here is wishing you an enjoyable and stressful TTC journey that leads to a little bundle of joy!!!


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