What is Asherman's Syndrome?

 Ashermans SyndromeHave you had a D&C, uterine surgery or a severe infection?

These are the most common causes of Asherman’s Syndrome, a medical condition that occurs when scar tissue accumulates on the uterus. Because this scar tissue can cause the sides of the uterus to stick together, it can make it hard for women to conceive and/or increase their chances of miscarriage once becoming pregnant.


Unfortunately, the only symptoms for this condition have to do with your menstrual cycle. Women either have very short and light periods, or none at all. Interestingly though, is that women may feel pain during the part of their cycle when they typically should have their period.


The only way to treat Asherman’s Syndrome is to remove the scar tissue with surgery. So if you feel like you may be suffering from this condition, you will want to talk to your doctor!


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