In the Water?

If you are ttc (trying to conceive) and hoping for twins, you may want to think about moving to Kodinji, India!
This small isolated village is currently made up of only 2000 families...... and out of those there are 204 sets of twins!!!! Statistics show that for every 1000 Kodinji births, 45 of them are twins. That is 6 times greater than the average everywhere else in the world. Even more interesting is that when a Kodinjian woman leaves the village to live elsewhere she still has a greater chance of giving birth to twins!
There are many in the village that believe that there is something in the water that causes the high rate of twins, but that theory has not been confirmed by researchers.
Makes you wonder though doesn’t it? And for those of you trying to become pregnant, don’t you wish you could buy a couple gallons of the water from the village just to see what would happen? Smile

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