Wait, Watch Your Weight

Here is another study that shows that if you are trying to get pregnant, you may struggle if you are overweight.

This study was completed by researchers from Adelaide University in Australia and focused on the health of eggs in obese women. Their premise was that when eggs develop in ovaries that are compromised by excess weight, that they are not as healthy.

First, the researchers collected data on 96 women from a local infertility clinic. Next, they divided the women into 3 different groups. Using the BMI index, the groups included women that were considered to be of normal weight, overweight and also obese.

The researchers then took a sample of the follicular fluid that surrounded the ovaries. What they found was that the fluid that surrounded the eggs in the obese women was compromised by high levels of fat and inflammation. These two abnormalities are believed to negatively impact the future health of a woman’s eggs.

Another important finding was that as the women’s BMI index increased, so did the levels of lactate, triglycerides, C-reactive proteins and insulin found in the follicular fluid. On the flip side, the sex hormone globulin decreased. These factors when considered together, give a better understanding of why some overweight and obese women struggle with fertility.

So, maintaining a healthy weight is one way that women can increase their chances for conception!

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