Visiting a Chiropractor?

New research shows that this may be a good idea if you are struggling to become pregnant.

The theory is that when there are abnormalities in the spine that they negatively impact both the reproductive and nervous systems. 

The study looked at three women in their 30’s who had been given a diagnosis of infertility.  Their stories involved years of trying to conceive, many rounds of Clomid, the use of ART, irregular cycles, laproscopic surgery and ectopic pregnancies.

In each of the cases they were taking part in more and more invasive methods to help them conceive.

The happy ending to all three of the stories is that they are all now moms of healthy newborns and believe that it is because of the chiropractic work they had done to their spines.

You can find more on this study in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health.


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