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Did you know that you might be able to negotiate the price of your fertility treatments? 

This was just one of the TTC tips that I learned while listening to a recent podcast at
In this podcast, Evelina Sterling is interviewed about her book, Budgeting for Infertility: Bringing Home Baby Without Breaking the Bank.
After listening to Evelina Sterling speak, I not only felt empowered, but also more confident for the next time that I walked into my doctor’s/OBGYN/Fertility Specialist’s office. The reason for this is because she shared some great tools for becoming more knowledgeable and in control of your fertility treatment plan.
One of her suggestions was not to wait to see a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) if you feel like there is a medical reason for struggling to become pregnant. She says that even if your doctor recommends waiting 6 months or year before seeking treatment, you don’t have to follow that advice. Don’t worry about your doctor’s feelings and find someone else who will work with you on your timeline!
Another tip was that while visiting the RE or fertility specialist, you should ask for a list of all the tests and procedures that they are recommending as part of your TTC plan. Make sure to ask your specialist to tell you what each test is and what information they are hoping to gain by giving it to you. From there, Sterling suggests a few ways to begin your money saving plan.
First, she says you can be upfront with your doctor and let them know the amount of money that you have available for treatments. Then you can often negotiate a price for many of the procedures. Sterling believes that most doctors will work with you instead of losing you as a customer. She also says that there is such a huge discrepancy nationwide on fertility treatment price tags that there is no reason not to politely negotiate their fees.
She also suggests taking the test and procedure list and heading back to your general practitioner to see if there are any of the tests that he/she can order. This will often save you money because these tests are processed through your insurance.
Another money saving tip was to look for low cost labs in your area if you know you will be self paying for tests. 
There were many other wonderful money saving tips that Evelina Sterling discusses as well. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. So if you are beginning your fertility treatment journey, you might want to check out this podcast, you won’t be disappointed!


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