Twelve Babies

That is how many babies a woman in Tunisia is pregnant with right now! Her husband says that after her IVF treatment that the doctors believed that they were pregnant with twins. And as you can imagine, they were very happy with the news. During her first follow-up appointment however, the ultrasound showed not 2 babies but 12!!!!!!! Her brood is made up of six boys and six girls.
As of now,  the doctors are keeping a close eye on her every step of the way to make sure she and the babies stay healthy. But as we know, moms of multiples are at a higher risk for miscarriage and preterm labor; which can result in medical issues for the babies.
Doctors, friends and family are concerned for the welfare of both the mom and the babies and it will be a long 9 months for everyone involved. Definitely NOT an IVF success story!!! Makes you wonder what can be done in the world of IVF to make sure this doesn’t happen again. It is definitely not what you hope for or imagine when you start down the road of fertility treatments!

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