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Many women have now turned to yoga as a way to help manage the stress of TTC (trying to conceive). There are even yoga classes that are designed specifically for the TTC’er!  5 of the poses that are most often used during these classes are the butterfly pose, squat pose, pigeon pose, simple twist and pelvic tilt. If you are interested in trying them out at home, here is a little bit more about each pose.
*And as always, if you are new to yoga or are just starting a TTC plan, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.
Butterfly Pose-
For this pose you will need to sit with the bottoms of your feet facing  each other. From there, you will want to scoot your feet as close to your body that is comfortable for you. While in this pose, close your eyes and think about the blood flowing throughout your pelvic area. Continue to think about all your reproductive organs.
Squat Pose-
For this pose, you will be standing with your feet spread apart and your hands resting on your thighs. From there, you will squat or bend your knees as you ever so slowly move downwards towards the floor. While in this position, you will also want to clasp your fingers and position them near your heart. In addition, your elbows will need to be between your knees to help you keep them balanced and correctly placed.
Pigeon Pose-
For this pose, you will want to begin by kneeling down and forward, while balancing yourself with your forearms. From there, you will want to scoot your right knee in between your hands while also moving your right heel towards your left hip. Next, stretch out your left leg behind you. Make sure that your knee and foot are turned towards the floor. You will want to do this pose on each side.
Simple Twist-
For this pose you will want to sit with crossed legs. From there, you will want to move your right hand behind your back with your palm as close to your lower back as possible. You will use this hand to help push you up so that you are sitting straight up. Your left hand will need to stretch across your body so that it can sit on your right knee. While in this pose, you will take a deep breath. While you exhale, you will twist your upper body along with your shoulders, chin and neck. Keep inhaling/exhaling and twisting as far as you can
Pelvic Tilt
For this pose you will be lying flat on your back with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your knees pointing upwards. At the same time, have your arms relaxed by your sides. From there, you will want to bring up your bum off the floor and reach the pelvic area towards the sky. While in this position, you will want to continue breathing slowly and steadily.
And there you have it, 5 pre-conception friendly yoga poses! Have fun!

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