A TTC Workout Plan

If you have recently decided to try to get pregnant, you have most likely been researching which prenatal vitamin to take, which foods are fertility friendly, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol and trying to track your cycle. You  probably have a drawer of ovulation predictor sticks, pregnancy tests and a BBT thermometer nearby.

No doubt you are off to a great start and have many TTC tricks in your toolbox!

In addition, doctors also suggest a TTC workout plan of sorts.  If you follow this regiment, you will not only help to get your body ready to conceive, but will also strengthen all the right muscles for maintaining a healthy pregnancy!

So here is what doctors suggest while TTC….

Low Impact Cardio- 

Low impact cardio includes activities such as fitness classes, water aerobics, swimming, walking, the stationary bike, treadmill and the elliptical trainer.  When you do activities such as these, your body becomes a healthy environment for an egg to grow and flourish!

Muscle Toning-

Doctors suggest focusing on the main muscles of the back and stomach in preparation for pregnancy.  A strong back and stomach will help you feel comfortable and support your baby as it happily grows inside you. Yoga and Pilates are gentle options for strengthening your core muscles.

Resistance Training-

You can use free weights or you own body weight for resistance training.  Use caution however when using free weights.  Doctors recommend no more than 3 pounds if you are TTC.  If you are pregnant and are lifting heavy weights, it can increase your chances of a miscarriage.

In addition to the wonderful health benefits to a good workout program, it is also a fantastic way to relieve stress during this roller coaster ride called TTC!!!!


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