TTC and Exercise

If you are (TTC) trying to conceive, you are probably making sure that you are eating the right foods, staying away from alcohol and caffeine, taking folic acid and charting your cycles. Did you know that there are certain exercises that doctors recommend for women who are actively trying to become pregnant?
The 3 types of exercise that you should include as part of your TTC plan are:

  1. Low-impact cardio

This includes activities such as walking, swimming, riding a bike, using an elliptical trainer, water aerobics and a traditional fitness class at a gym.

  1. Muscle toning

Doctors recommend working on the muscles in your back and stomach for pregnancy. Many women enjoy both yoga and Pilates to meet these goals.

  1. Resistance training

Overall strength will help you during and after your pregnancy since you will be carrying your little one around. It will also help you avoid injuries. Doctors recommend using no more than 3 pounds to increase your body strength.
Most of all………. have fun!

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