If you are currently taking the drug Topamax, which is commonly prescribed for epilepsy and migraine headaches, you will want to tell your doctor before you try to become pregnant. In a study published in the journal Neurology, researchers found that pregnant mothers who were taking the drug Topamax during their first trimester were 11 times more likely to give birth to a baby with specific birth defects. These birth defects included cleft lips and palates. In addition, baby boys born to women taking Topamax were 14 times more likely to be born with genital defects.

So again, talk with your doctor on whether or not they think it is safe for you to be taking Topamax if you are trying to conceive!

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I was put on topamax for migrain and I had ectopic prgenancy 6 months ago . I have tried to be pregnant again but invein , can topamax cause ectopic pregnancy and affect my ovulation?

Anonymous — Apr 26, 2013
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For those people that HAVE no other choice but to take it, like myself for epilepsy, the most important thing is make sure you are taking folic acid. My OB and neurologist made sure I was on a VERY large dose prior to even becoming pregnant. I was also put on Folgard. It has extra B6 and 12. And I also took a Prenatal. Throughout each trimester, your blood volume increases, therefore (most of time) needed an increase in the dosage of medication. I truly believe the vitamins (mostly the folic acid) are the reason my daughter was born without any defects. Also, be sure to register with the AED registry. It's how they keep track of all this stuff.

Anonymous — Apr 30, 2012
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how long should u be off the drug b4 you TTC?

marquita — Feb 03, 2010
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