Too Hot?

Too Hot?

Keeping your partner’s testicles cool may be the key to his fertile health. Researchers have discovered that once his testicles reach 98 degrees Fahrenheit, sperm production stops. During this time sperm motility and morphology can be negatively impacted as well. 

Even more concerning is that because it takes 75 days for sperm to completely mature, any disruption in sperm development can take between 2 and 9 months to completely recover.
So what are the “hot spots” to look out for?
  1. Hot Tubs- Researchers have found that wet heat starts to cause a decrease in sperm production after only 30 minutes.
  1. Fever- If your partner has been recently sick with a fever, it could be the reason that you are struggling to conceive. Following a fever, sperm production is down 35%. 
  1. Laptop Computers- Studies have shown that using your computer on your lap can increase body temperatures by at least 35 degrees Fahrenheit. 
So, if you are actively TTC (trying to conceive), keep it cool! :)


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