Thyroid Disease and Infertility

If you are struggling with getting pregnant, make sure to get your thyroid checked.  Mary Shomon, the author of, Your Guide to Thyroid Disease believes that undiagnosed and untreated thyroid disease can cause infertility.

Studies in The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology found a correlation between female infertility and minor immune related problems.  They also found that it is common for IVF to fail for women who produce antibodies to their thyroid glands. Unfortunately, this can happen to women who don’t have any other symptoms that would make them think they were experiencing problems with their thyroid.

The researchers believe that it is these antibodies that impact fertility.  Women who have a family history of hypothyroidism need to be extra diligent about getting tested for the presence of the antibodies. Worst case scenario is that this medical condition can lead to not only infertility, but miscarriage, premature babies, growth issues for the child, and may also contribute to more complications later in the pregnancy.

Mary Shomon makes the following suggestions related to thyroid testing and fertility:

  • Make sure to have a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) tested.  Ask for the exact numbers from your test. Your number should be in the range of 0.5-5.5 TSH. Shomon also believes that although this is the “normal” range, women are more likely to get pregnant when their numbers are between 1 and 2.
  • Make sure you have your thyroid antibodies tested. If there is presence of antibodies, it can be remedied with a low dose of thyroid hormone.
  • Ask your doctor about any other new treatments available related to antibodies and thyroid disease.

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i have had no period for a year now last month i started having unprotected sex i had a pregnancy test for fun and came out positive whats this

Anonymous — Jun 17, 2010
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ok, i tuck a pregnancy test. and the test come out negative ,and i have no i am like in my last mounth.and i am not showing i am trying to figer out what is wronge with me. and i do have a thirode on my neck.i fill my baby kick and every thing.i fill the moving around ,i try to pick up things like moping ,and sweeping and when i do that i fill this pain its like a shock in my stomick.i even tuck a blood test and it came out negative.i am trying to figer out what is wronge with me and i know i am pregnect.i need some help!!!!!!!!

Anonymous — Mar 15, 2010
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