Ten Minute Purifying Visualization Technique

If you are like me you can daydream about a new little one for hours on end.  I can picture myself holding the baby while it coos looking into my eyes.  I can picture my baby holding onto my little finger while rocking him or her to sleep.  I picture the baby’s room, the cute little outfits, family events and celebrations such a Christmas.  Each dream makes me happy and sad all at the same time. 

I just ran across an article that talks about using visualization techniques as part of a TTC (trying to conceive) plan.  I am thinking that it may be an easy thing for me to add to my day in addition or in place of the many other baby daydreams I already have!

This specific visualization is used in Eastern medicine and only takes ten minutes.  It is called the Purifying Fire Visualization and is supposed to cleanse your body of physical ailments, muscle tension and negative thoughts; all things that can get in the way of becoming pregnant.

Here is what you do:

  • Find a comfortable space to lie down and then stretch out your legs about hip width apart while resting your arms a little bit away from your sides.
  • Focus on the top of your head.
  • Then focus on the soles of your feet.
  • Focus on all the space between your head and your feet.  Picture it as an empty vessel waiting to be cleansed and filled with your powerful breathing energy.
  • Each time you inhale; do so from the soles of your feet all the way up to your head. Picture your body filling up with purifying light energy along the way each time.
  • While your powerful light energy is passing through your body, picture all of your physical ailments, muscles tension and negative thoughts as dry autumn leaves. 
  • As your energy passes over them, they are scooped up and pulled towards your head.  Each time you inhale, more and more of the leaves follow suit.
  • When the leaves have been pulled to the top of your head, picture them leaving your body and combusting into flames.
  • Once all the leaves have burned completely, you will be left feeling full of sparkling light and positive energy.


Let me know if you try this visualization technique and how you feel afterwards and I will do the same!!


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