Tax Credit Time!

Canada Fertility Treatment

As of October 1st there will be one more reason to move to Manitoba, Canada!

That is the magical day when they are expecting to add an infertility clause to their tax credit policy. Couples struggling with infertility will be eligible for an $8,000 tax credit to help offset the cost of IUI (intra-uterine insemination), IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and the fertility drugs associated with both treatment options.

The tax credit policy will read:
  1. Couples can receive 40% of the costs they have accrued from fertility treatments totaling up to $20,000. 
  2. Couples can apply for this tax credit each fiscal year.
  3. Fertility treatment costs for both men and women will be reimbursed.
  4. Couples must have used an accredited infertility treatment clinic in Manitoba to qualify for the tax credit.
This tax credit was proposed because of the many couples who are suffering from infertility issues in Manitoba. In fact, the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada believes that 1 in 6 women of childbearing age are dealing with some sort of infertility.
As you can imagine, there is some opposition to the new changes in the tax credit laws. Those opposing it feel like it isn’t fair since it only addresses a very specific group of people.
As I was reading about the logistics of the tax law, I couldn’t help feeling excited for the couples in Manitoba. It is a given that the medical costs involved in infertility treatments are daunting; but the emotional costs are just as great.  And although there is no tax credit that can help with the emotional toll that accompanies infertility, financial compensation is such a nice gesture. The message it sends is one that validates the overwhelming need for support for many couples as they navigate through their roller coaster journey of TTC (trying-to conceive).
Hopefully this tax credit will now make it financially possible for couples to pursue their dream of parenthood using IUI and IVF!!


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