Synthetic Estrogens

More from the researchers at Yale School of Medicine………….

A new study was just completed by Hugh S. Taylor MD, who is currently a professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science. In addition, his position at Yale School of medicine is the section chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

What he looked at was “why” synthetic estrogens that are found in plastics negatively impact fertility and fetus development. Other studies have found that when women are in continuous contact with DES (a synthetic estrogen); it changes the make up of the HOXA 10 gene. This is the gene that is essential in the healthy development of the uterus. When changes occur, it sometimes leads to fertility struggles, unhealthy fetus develop and even cancer.

Dr. Taylor was interested in why this occurred and conducted a study where he looked at the DNA of the babies born to 30 mice that were injected with the synthetic hormone, DES. After looking at the research, what he determined was that DES changes the structure of the HOXA 10 gene by shifting proteins to different parts of the uterus. It also increased the enzyme that makes changes in the DNA.

His findings help researchers better understand how synthetic hormones and fertility are related. In addition, the findings give further strength to the belief that when women that are exposed to substances that have estrogen-like properties (like the much talked about BPA), it may impact fertility and the uterine development of future female children.

It does make you think about all the potential toxins that are in our homes today, and what the long term impact will be on future generations!

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