The Stone Goddess at Lake Baikal

Stone goddess at lake baikal

If you head to Lake Baikal in Siberia, you will find women who have come from many miles away to visit these magical rocky shores. It is believed that the stone goddess of Yanzhima lives among the rocks and holds the power of fertility. There are hundreds of women who have shared their stories of becoming pregnant after visiting this sacred spot.

Interestingly, those who visit her say that she presents herself differently to each individual. She has been known to take the form of an animal, seen to be riding a horse or playing an instrument. Those who do not immediately see the goddess are told to spend more time walking in a circular path around the mountain and then to come back and try again. 
Regardless of whether or not you believe in the fertility powers of Yanzhima, there is one thing that strikes me with stories such as these. When all you want in your life is to become a mom, there is comfort in knowing that there are many others who are experiencing a similar journey. And whether you find support and hope from a rock goddess, an etched drawing on a hillside, your friends or a TTC on-line community, it is so important to reach out and connect with others so that you never feel alone during this roller coaster ride to motherhood!
This link has a Siberian newscast that shows the site and talks with locals about the stone goddess. Check it out!


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