Stay Cool While You Are Trying to Get Pregnant

Heat and Miscarriage102 degrees, this is the magic number!

With the summer weather upon us, doctors caution women who are actively TTC (trying to conceive).  Research shows that when your body temperature exceeds 102 degrees, there is an increased chance of miscarriage.  Since it takes a couple of weeks after ovulation for the body to exhibit signs of pregnancy, there is always the chance of an early miscarriage even before knowing you are pregnant. 

So if you are one who likes to exercise outside and it is a very warm day, you will want to take it slow.  Better yet, doctors suggest exercising indoors on the hot days, saving the outdoors for when the temperatures are a bit cooler. If you are a yoga fan, you would want to stay away from hot (Bikram) classes as well!

Here is to staying cool and conceiving!!!!!!


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