Soy(Intralipid) + IVF = a Much Better Chance of Pregnancy!!!

Female infertilityIf you are having the conversation with your doctor about trying IVF (in-vitro fertilization), you have undoubtedly already spent a lot of time struggling with infertility.  Blood tests, ovulation predictor kits, BBT temping and tracking, supplements, ultrasounds, doctor’s appointments…. and many, many, many tears have probably been shed during this emotionally exhausting TTC (trying to conceive) journey.  I wish that it didn’t have to be so hard and so draining.

The unfortunate reality of IVF is that is a big ticket item with no guarantees of a baby.  Many women try multiple rounds of IVF with no success.  I can’t even imagine the emotional and physical toll that would take on one’s spirit.

That is why I get excited when I see research and studies completed that actually give you hope and promise of getting pregnant. 

The most recent study that does just this will be shared tomorrow at the British Fertility Society conference. 

Doctors from the Care Fertility Clinic in Nottingham, will be announcing that they believe that they can give you a 6 times better chance of becoming pregnant by way of IVF.  Their magic is the use of a soy based substance called, Intralipid which is given to women a week before their IVF procedure in the form of an IV drip. Intralipid was originally given to patients who were suffering from severe malnutrition, but doctors have found that it also can reduce the chances of miscarriage by fighting against the high levels of chemicals released in women who have too many white blood cells.  These aggressive chemicals wreak havoc on a woman’s immune system and attack the placenta or embryo, giving it no chance of maturing into a healthy baby.

One of the plusses to this new treatment is that it is fairly reasonable in price; only a few hundred dollars.  It is definitely worth the money if these study results hold steady!!

If you have endured multiple miscarriages and are looking at IVF, I would ask your doctor about this new research! 


Anonymous — Jan 10, 2011
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Anonymous — Jan 10, 2011
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