Soft IVF

This week, doctors from the UK spoke about what they believe is the best technique for IVF. It is a procedure that is known as Soft IVF.

Soft IVF is different from traditional IVF when you compare the first step of the procedure. When using conventional IVF, women begin their treatment by taking hormones for about a month. This is to change their cycle and stimulate the ovaries in hopes of them producing healthy eggs. In Soft IVF, the woman takes a very small amount of hormones and only for 7 days or less, just to encourage egg production.

The remainder of the process is the same for both procedures. The eggs are removed, fertilized and transferred. And with good luck, an embryo attaches and develops into a healthy baby!

The benefits to using Soft IVF are many. To begin with, the limited use of drug is healthier for the mother and the baby. It has been found to reduce the chance of miscarriage and the chances of the woman suffering from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Also, there are very few side effects… if any. And finally, it is much, much cheaper than traditional IVF.

Anyone who is a candidate for conventional IVF is also a candidate for Soft IVF. In fact older women are even better candidates because their ovaries do not respond well to high levels of hormones.

The statistics that the doctors used at the conference to support their excitement for this new procedure were:
* In the UK, they had a 27 percent success rate with their IVF procedure. However, in Netherlands, after using Soft IVF…..they experienced a 43 percent success rate!

As a side note………….another option is to use a completely drug free technique as well. Doctors only found it to be about 10 percent effective though.

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how many days after the start of your period do you start ovulating?

Aqueelah — Aug 24, 2012
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How many days before your next period do you start the soft ivf process?

Aqueelah — Aug 24, 2012
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