Silicon Womb

Another interesting development in fertility research!

Currently, when a woman is using IVF to become pregnant, her eggs are harvested and then fertilized and developed in a lab. After about 2-5 days, the most viable embryos are implanted into the uterus.

Well……… researchers in the UK have created a new device that they call a “Silicon Womb.” Essentially, after the eggs are harvested, they will be stored in a silicon capsule. And then instead of the eggs developing in a lab incubator, the capsule is placed in the woman’s womb. The eggs will then develop in what they are hoping, is a more natural environment. Then, when the eggs are viable, they will be removed and transferred to the uterus. The end goal is to produce healthier embryos, so that women have to go through the harvesting procedure less frequently.

The “Silicon Womb” has been invented by a Swiss company, Anecova. They are in the very beginning stages of seeking Belgium woman to try out their product. After they do a few small trials, I am sure we will hear about if the product was found to be successful!

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