A Short Luteal Phase?

Did you know that the length of your luteal phase could be keeping you from becoming pregnant?
Your luteal phase is the second half of your cycle that begins the day after you ovulate, and ends the day before your period shows up again. This part of your cycle is also referred to as the 2WW (two week wait), This is the time you spend waiting for your period to arrive (or not arrive), so that you can test to confirm whether or not you are pregnant.
Most women have a luteal phase of about 10-16 days. However, there are many women who have luteal phases that are longer or shorter as well.   Doctors usually state that the optimal length for the luteal phase is 12-14 days. As it becomes shorter, it often begins to interfere with fertility. The reason for this is that it takes 10 days for a fertilized egg to completely implant into the uterus. 
In fact if your luteal phase is 9 days or shorter and are struggling to become pregnant, you should talk with your doctor. He/She may recommend taking vitamin B6 or a progesterone supplement.
So, as you are beginning the ttc (trying to conceive) journey, you may want to chart your cycle a few times so that you get a good idea of your luteal phase length!


My baby was implanting and my cycle had just regulated aftegetting off nuvaring 3mths ago. My cycle started and flushed my baby away. We will try again this, month.

ttc — May 02, 2012
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can i be menstruating and the time in ovulation?

amara — Mar 20, 2011
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