Shared Risk Refund Policy

If your pregnancy plans include using donor eggs and IVF, IntergraMed America Inc.’s Shared Risk Refund Program may be a wonderful option for you!

IntergraMed America Inc. is one of the largest operators of fertility centers in the US. In fact about one fifth of all IVF procedures are completed at one of the IntergraMed America Inc. facilities.

Here is what they are offering………….
If you enroll into their Shared Risk Refund Program, you will have the opportunity to choose from a couple of different plans.

1. The standard program- This plan includes the medical treatment for both the
donor and the mom-to-be. In addition, you can have up to 3 IVF cycles and
unlimited frozen embryo transfers, for no extra cost! Best of all, if
your IVF fails after using donor eggs, you can be refunded up to 100% of your

2. The expanded program- Includes all the benefits listed above, but in
addition the plan covers egg donor collection, screening, medications, anesthesia,
and storage of embryos.

It looks as though the programs vary a little from clinic to clinic, so make sure you call to check and confirm the program components!!!

They are hoping that this helps women who are using donor eggs and IVF, since most of them will need multiple IVF cycles to be become pregnant. Without a comprehensive plan such as this, all the extra costs such as medications and preservation of eggs are usually an out of pocket expense.

An interesting side note………. women using donor eggs are the fastest growing group of IVF participants. Hopefully, more clinics will put together plans such as this to make at least the financial part of the process not so stressful!!! :)

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