Self Fertility Massage DVD

Fertility Massage

Do you dream about spending the afternoon at the spa for a relaxing massage? If you are actively TTC (trying to conceive) you are probably emotionally and physically exhausted from the baby making daily routine.

Included in your day is probably some combination of:
Charting your temperatures
Using your OPKs (ovulation predictor kits)
Taking your FertilAid 3 times a day
Checking your cervix and cervical mucus
Figuring how to get the soft cup in and out gracefully
Making sure you are using a sperm friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed
Practicing pretending to be happy when ANOTHER friend tells you they are pregnant
Planning your social calendar around when you are ovulating
Because of the stress brought on by this rigorous conception plan, a massage probably sounds nice right about now. However, I am guessing you have groceries to buy, dinner to make and laundry to do. No extra time or money for a massage today!!
I just stumbled across a wonderful DVD that will save you money and help along your journey to pregnancy. It is a DVD sold from the site . The DVD is called Self Fertility Massage and is getting great reviews.
While watching the DVD, you learn fertility friendly massage techniques and related pressure points on your body. The hope is that when this instruction is included in your TTC plan, it will strengthen your reproductive health, regulate your menstrual cycle and boost your overall fertility.
At a bare minimum, this is probably great outlet for relieving the incredible stress associated with TTC!!!!!
Here is a sneak peak of the video:



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