Seeing Double? Head to Ohio!

Twins Day Festival

Did you know that today, August 6th, is the start to the 34th annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg Ohio? 

It started out back in 1976 with only 37 sets of twins taking part in the celebration. Today the numbers are in the thousands!! Included at the fair are favorites such as a twins parade and judging for the “most alike” twins. Afterwards, many folks head to see the local baseball team. Guess who the Cleveland Indians just happen to be playing? Yep, the Minnesota Twins! :)

Interestingly, the rate of women having twins has increased 70% since the 1980s. I was surprised to see a number that high. I guess it does make sense though since women are also more likely to use fertility drugs and to wait until they are older to have children. But the number 70 just jumps out at you, doesn’t it?
Some other fun twins trivia is that the highest number of US twin births actually happens on the east coast in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Statistics show that women in these states are following the trend and are waiting until they are older to begin their families.
On the flip side, Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico have the lowest rates of twins in the US.
Another significant twin area is in a small village in Nigeria, Africa.  In Igbo-ora, women give birth to twins 4 times more often than the global average. Scientists have a theory about their unusually high twin rates though. They believe that it is because of their consumption of the cassava plant. This plant is a distant relative to the sweet potato. But don’t try to pick some up at the supermarket for dinner tonight, because if it is cooked wrong, it turns into cyanide!!
If you can’t make it to Twins Day today, maybe double up your fun with twice the TTC (trying to conceive) magic in honor of the day…. 2 glasses of whole milk, 2 cups of FertiliTea, 2 relaxing baths with Fertility Bath Salts and 2 times the Pre-Seed during your double session of BD (baby dancing). :)
Have fun!


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