Seeds as a Tasty TTC Snack!

TTC SeedsIf you are trying to figure out a healthy and fertile friendly snack, seeds may be the answer!

Did you know that sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds are a great way to help balance and maintain overall gynecological health? This is because the seeds are high in zinc, which is important for regulating and supporting the body’s hormone levels.

It is always fun to look back in time to see if there is any evidence of certain TTC tricks being used in the past.  It seems as if seeds have always been linked to TTC and fertility   In fact, there are stories that tell of women in Babylonia eating a sesame seed mix to help increase their chances of pregnancy.  In addition, it is known that for many years, gypsies also believe in the fertility powers of these seeds.  They too include sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds in their TTC (trying to conceive) bag of tricks..

So, if you are TTC and looking for a snack to keep on hand, try some seeds!


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