Seeds and Fertility...?

Trying to conceive? Doctors recommend eating seeds!

As part of a fertility friendly diet, women who are hoping to become pregnant may actually strengthen their fertility health by eating pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds each day. This is because these seeds are rich in zinc, which helps to produce and balance hormones.

In fact, the gypsies have known about the power of pumpkin seeds for many years. They have included them in their diet to help their overall gynecological health.

Another story is that the women of ancient Babylonia ate sesame seed mixtures because they believed that it increased fertility. Seems as if they should know since the word “baby” is at the beginning of their hometown name!

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Really useful tips for pregnant woman! Now I understood that the pumpkin and sunflower seeds are rich in zinc! Thanks for this wonderful blog post and expecting similar relevant reads in the future also!

Microsoft help — Nov 29, 2013
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