Secondhand Smoke

If you have started down the ttc (trying to conceive) path, you probably already know that smoking during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby. But did you know that secondhand smoke can keep you from becoming pregnant?
In a study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center, they found that secondhand smoke is indeed harmful to those ttc. They began by collecting data from 5000 different women who were non-smokers. Of that group, those that had been around secondhand smoke for at least 6 hours a day as children or adults were 68% more likely to struggle with infertility issues or suffer from miscarriages.
Makes you think about those who grew up in homes with parents who smoked. I wonder how many of them are currently struggling with infertility now as an adult?

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Did you know that secondhand smoke can keep you from becoming pregnant?

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In a study exhausted by the College of Rochester Therapeutic Equidistant, they institute that used cigarette is absolutely damaging to those ttc. They began by collecting material from 5000 novel women who were stop-smokers. Of that batch, those that had been circa used cigarette for at minimum 6 hours a age as children or ripes were 68% also inclined to contention among infertility flows or tolerate from failures.

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At minimum 6 hours a period as children or matures were 68% plus prone to effort beside infertility outcomes or ache from failures.

Smarthome — Apr 24, 2014
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Second hand smoking can cause serious problem for people whom have opted the trying to conceive path and the baby as well. The babies can cause some serious birth problems and diseases. Why taking risk with our child if you can avoid it? Cheers mate. Keep posting.

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