Seat Warmers

Imagine it is a chilly day….you crawl into your car and turn on the seat warmers. Ahhh, now you are warm and cozy……..

Well, if you are male and are trying to conceive a baby with your spouse, you may want to think twice about this.

In the most recent issue of Fertility and Sterility, there is a new study that looks at fertility and seat warmers. What they found was interesting!

It turns out that for men, the seat warmers could be interfering with their chances of becoming a father. When scientists from the University of Giessen in Germany connected sensors to the scrotum of 30 healthy men, and asked them to sit for 90 minutes on either a cold seat or a seat with a warmer, those sitting on warmers registered body temperatures up to 103 degrees.

This is significant because the male body needs to be lower than 99 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal fertility. And, those that use the seat warmers on a consistent basis have a greater risk for sperm damage.

So for your best chance of conception, you may want to turn off those seat warmers!

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