To Screen or Not to Screen?

Wow, here is an overview of an article that is sure to be controversial!!! It was featured today in the newspaper, Scotland on Sunday.

The Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine (GCRM) is offering a new service to couples that are electing to conceive by IVF.

This new service would essentially screen embryos for over 200 genes that lead to diseases such as cancer and cystic fibrosis. Then for a hefty price, they would only implant the embryos that were determined to be “without genetic fault.”

The process will be similar to one of traditional IVF. The couples will use their own eggs and sperm to create embryos that would later be transferred to the uterus of the mom-to-be. The difference is that a cell from each embryo would be tested for genetic markers and evaluated for genetic risk. At this point only the “perfectly genetic embryos” would be implanted and the rest thrown away.

They are hoping to start out slowly with a couple of families a month, but project providing the services to hundreds more as time passes.

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