Saturated Fats and Sperm Don't Mix!

Saturated Fats and SpermBacon, sausage, ham, butter, cheese……………

Does this sound like the mainstay of your husband or partner’s diet?  If so, there is new evidence out there recommending that you stay away from fatty foods such as these while you are TTC (trying-to-conceive).

In a recent study done at Harvard Medical School, researchers looked at the sperm of 91 men who were currently taking part in some type of fertility treatment at a fertility center in Boston.

What they found was that those men with the highest levels of saturated and mono-saturated fats in their diet had a between 41 and 46% fewer sperm than their counterparts with healthier diets. 

These findings are similar to other studies that show that a healthy diet that includes plenty of “good fats” is usually associated with stellar sperm.  These good fats are believed to help with the development of healthy sperm membrane.

So when your husband reaches for those healthier poly-saturated fats, know that he is also opting for fertility friendly sperm that is superior in its motility and morphology!


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