Rock-A-Bye Embryo

Rocking Embryos

Imagine a quiet room, a gentle rocking and taking a calm moment to gather your strength before the journey of a lifetime....

You might be picturing yourself sitting in a rocking chair, drinking some tea and looking out the window at picturesque scenery; a perfectly peaceful moment.

Believe it or not, if your TTC (trying to conceive) plan includes IVF (in-vitro fertilization), your eggs may be sharing this experience with you!!

Researchers have now developed a new machine that gently rocks your embryos as they grow. This rocking motion is supposed to mimic the feeling that the embryo would typically feel as it makes its way through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. 
When eggs were rocked instead of staying put in a culture dish before an IVF transfer, they were found to be stonger and healthier. In fact, the researchers could see a difference after only 4 days of care. Not only were the rocked embryos made up of twice as many cells, but they also went on to be responsible for more healthy pregnancies. 
In this specific study which was conducted at the University of Washington, 77% of mice became pregnant when implanted with the rocked embryos as compared to only a 55% pregnancy success rate when the embryos matured in a traditional petri dish.
So if you are looking to try IVF in the future, you may want to ask your doctor about your embryo's accomodations!
It is amazing to think that babies like being rocked from the very beginning!! :)


Thanks for having written this. That’s the most full info I have found on this topic.

cardaddy — Jul 13, 2011
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