Reproductive Outsourcing

I just ran across this article and thought it was interesting….

The article addressed the idea of reproductive outsourcing, specifically to India. It seems to be a practice that is increasing in popularity. What happens is that clinics in India provide surrogate mothers for women who are not able to become pregnant. There is both an egg donor and a surrogate, using the belief that the surrogate mother will not become as attached to the baby since it does not share her biological genes.

This practice is becoming most popular with folks from the United States and Europe because of the quality of medical professionals in India, the relaxed laws and the price. Although each doctor determines their own fees, it is in the range of $25,000-$30,000, which is a lot less than here in the United States. The fees cover medical, payment to the surrogate mother, and 2 trips to India; one to fertilize the egg, and one to bring their baby home.

One doctor reported that although the actual number of surrogate arrangements with foreigners is unknown, in a nearby town there were at least 50. And this doctor himself was expecting to see more than 100 foreign women for surrogacy just this year.

The doctors believe that in addition to the skilled medical professionals, laws and the price, that foreigners are drawn to India for surrogacy because the women tend to not use alcohol, drugs, or smoke.

One current concern though is that as this surrogacy arrangement becomes more popular, so do the opportunities for exploitation and unethical practices.

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