Pregnancy Tests: How Soon Do You Take Them?

For those of you who have just entered the two week wait with me, I think you will relate to the obsessive behavior that becomes my life each cycle.  My poor husband has to endure the following experience of living with me like this month after month! Smile

DPO = Days past ovulation

1 DPO - Even though we have a busy day and everyone is tired, I tell my husband to be ready for more baby dancing JUST IN CASE I misread my ovulation strips. In my head I know it is too late, but I can't shake the feeling of,  "What if our timing was off?"

2 DPO – I am feeling hopeful today about our chances.  The ovulations sticks worked well this month and my BBT temping was textbook.  In addition I was good about limiting my caffeine, taking my FertilAid and using Pre-Seed.  Feeling good!

3 DPO- What a difference one day can make.  Today I am thinking that we should have done more this month.  Maybe I should have added acupuncture or FertiliTea to my TTC plan? 

4 DPO- Ugh, I totally forgot we were going to try the soft cups this month as well.  Not feeling great about our chances anymore.

5 DPO- Just got an e-mail from a friend announcing that she is pregnant.  It happened the first month they tried, they were so surprised!  Grrrrrrrr…. So hard to not throw a pity party for me today!!!!!!

6 DPO- Some spotting today. Oh no… here she comes.  A week early too!!!  Why not, a perfect ending to my week!

7 DPO-  Hmmm, the spotting has stopped and I "think" I feel twinges in my abdomen.  And wait, my breasts feel tender and I feel bloated.  Could this be our month?

8 DPO- I can hardly stand it, I want to test sooooo badly.  But at the same time, I don't want to test.  Can I handle another BFN (big fat no)?

9 DPO- I go ahead and test, I have a bunch of tests so why not?  I have been stockpiling them all month for moments just like today, right?  BFN!!!  I can only cry for the rest of the night.

10 DPO- I feel like I got my tears out of my system for the moment and decide I am NOT going to test until I have officially missed my period!

11 DPO, 12 DPO, 13 DPO, 14 DPO – Couldn't stick to my plan.  I end up testing every day with the hope that I will see that line.  And every day I am absolutely crushed when I get yet another BFN!!!  Why do I do this to myself? 

15 DPO- My period arrived full force, extra cramps to make herself known.  I vow to give up; it is just not worth it.  Not to mention it is not fair that EVERYONE around me seems to be pregnant.  I grab the ice cream and call it a night.

16 DPO- I dreamed of MY baby last night, the one that hopefully is in our future.  Of course we will keep trying.  All I have ever wanted is to be a mom.  I will try to use my entire TTC arsenal this month.  Fingers crossed this is my lucky cycle!!

It is so hard for me to decide when to test.  I don't want to test too soon and see that BFN.  But with all of the early detection pregnancy tests these days, it is impossible for me not to!  Since the most sensitive pregnancy tests allow you to test 7-10 DPO, I will probably continue to do just that.

How soon do you test for pregnancy?


We tried for a year then I got a book called "getting pregnant" where there is a recipe in it on when and more importantly when not to have sex. We got pregant the first month we tried and I am now trying and checked out the book again and we Maybe pregnant. I wish you well in your journey.

Anonymous — Aug 02, 2011
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was your period clotty as that could be a sign youve miscarried .

Anonymous — Jul 11, 2011
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maybe youve had a miscarriage go to your doctor asap and then you should get a scan to see if your pregnant or not.

Anonymous — Jul 11, 2011
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I had a baby almost ten years ago in my first marriage, I am now married to another man and I've been trying to conceive for the past two and a half years with no success. I have never taken birth control pills but I have no clue why I'm not able to conceive.

Anonymous — May 04, 2011
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Hi! Im confused I test positive to the home pregancy test. But when I go to see the doctor for the scane he said it's too aerly to see through the scane. i was suppose to have my period on the 14 of april 2011. And late month I did have full period. Please help dont know what to do.

Anonymous — Apr 29, 2011
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