Pregnancy Test False Negative

pregnancy test false negativeUgh, is it another BFN (big fat no) this month?

You thought for sure that this was the month.  The month when you see that double line and you could start planning how and when to tell everyone! 

The days tick by... 14 DPO (days past ovulation), 15 DPO, 16 DPO.  Pretty soon you are completely frustrated with your body and at a complete loss for what it going on.  You were sure that you "felt" pregnant this month.  You even made a checklist with all of your symptoms:

  • You are craving ranch dip and pizza
  • The smell of chicken makes you nauseous
  • You missed your period
  • Your breasts are sore
  • You are so tired
  • Your back hurts
  • Your head hurts
  • You have to urinate what seems like all the time

You must be pregnant, so what is with the BFN?????

It is possible that you have gotten a false negative on your pregnancy test.  There are many reasons that this could happen.  Your hGC levels might have been too low to be detected, you might have been drinking too much water which diluted your urine or maybe you forgot that you needed to use your FMU (first morning urine) when you test.

In any case, if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms and your period is late, hang in there!!! Don't give up hope; a BFP may be right around the corner!


I took a home pregnancy test and there was 2 lines indiccating that I was pregnant. Then about 2 minutes later the line disappeared. Had a blood test done and says im negative. I am so confused.

Anonymous — Jul 05, 2013
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i had experience spotting for 2 or 3 days about week ago. then took a test it was neg i am trying to conceive feeling nausea some times and having tansparent viginal discharge from 4 days . am i pregnant plz help

su — Feb 07, 2012
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Hi im 2 weeks late and i didnt get my period for the whole month of october. I took a test a week ago bt it was negative. I have been feeling more sleepy nd naseous. Could i be pregnant??

Anonymous — Nov 08, 2011
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Currently iam 7 days home pregnancy say negative.i went for blood will come on monday.I ovulate on 14.I did intercourse at 11.iam still in confusion whether iam pregnant or not?my cycle is 28

durga — Aug 05, 2011
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Hi im hadnt had my period for 2 months I took a pregnacy test and it says false and I dont know if I should go to the doctors or what and I want to be pregnant.....

Anonymous — Jul 03, 2011
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I'm on clomid, currently i am 6 days late and all htp's say no. So i had a blood test done yesterday. Dr says its negative. I have all the signs of being pregnant and I am very aware of what my body is telling me. I ovulate on days 14 & 21, so if egg from day 21 were to have gotten fertilized, would test show a positive yet or would it take longer for levels to increase?
can someone please answer my question???

Anonymous — Apr 26, 2011
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